Principal Investigator

Beth Guiton 

Associate Professor
University of Kentucky 

Department of Chemistry

Current Group Members

Ahamed Ullah
Graduate Research Assistant

Manisha De Alwis Goonatilleke
Graduate Research Assistant

Ayanthi Thisera
Graduate Research Assistant

Kathryn Pitton

Graduate Research Assistant

 Former Post-Doctoral Scholars

Dr. Guohua Li

Associate Professor, Anhui University, Department of Electrical Engineering

 Former Graduate Research Assistants

Dr. Alexa Riddle

Dr. Bethany Hudak 

Naval Research Laboratory, DC

Former Post-Doctoral Scholar at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Dr. Yao-Jen (Jerry) Chang 

Facility Manager at the University of Arizona's Microscopy Alliance

Dr. Lei Yu

Maxim Integrated in San Jose, CA
Former Post-Doctoral Scholar at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Silas (Robbie) Fiefhaus

QC Analyst for Avantor Performance Materials

Andy Schlereth

University of Kentucky, Department of Chemistry

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Summer 2013

From left to right: Jerry, Guohua, Beth, Lei, Bethany, Danny